Thanks for a great trip and I think we did better than most people that day.

Eric – Tampa, FL


I tried to send a short video of landing the sail fish, but it was too large to go through. If I can zip it or send part, I will tomorrow. Thanks for everything. It was well worth every penny, and hope to do it again.

Dave – Rogersville, TN


Below is a picture of my first sailfish I caught with you this past Saturday (AWESOME!!) and an invitation to our CCA Florida Dade banquet and auction. If you have any more questions about the banquet or about the Coastal Conservation Association, don’t hesitate to ask! Thanks again for an awesome experience!

Mike (CCA Regional Director) – Central, FL

We made it home and have worked our tails off since then. I can't tell you how appreciative we are of your hospitality and your effort of getting us into and keeping us into fish. We have been talking about how great of a trip it was and how generous you were in time and allowing us to assist with tackle etc. We have fished around many many places and you are an extremely talented fisherman. We will absolutely continue our fishing relationship with you and do many trips each year. We look forward to our next trip. Pictures will follow later tonight… Feel free to forward my email and cell to give you a great reference.

Thanks for everything,
Greg – Toledo, OH

Sorry that it took us so long to get these pictures to you. I hope that these pics will work for your purpose. Thanks again for the wonderful fishing experience  :)

Danielle and Tim – Columbia, MO

My kids (and Manny) had an amazing time!! Thanks so much for your guidance and expertise!!!  I chose you blindly off the Internet and am so happy I did :) I will send a link to where the photos are posted.

Have a great week,

Hi Orly,

Thank you for the best fishing day we have ever had. We have gone on charter fishing trips twice before and this was by far the best trip we have had! No other boats seemed to be catching anything and your skill still put us on fish. We caught around 10 fish including two sailfish with one measuring 89"! My family will never forget this day. You are truly the best charter captain I have ever fished with and my family enjoyed spending time with you!

I have attached some of the photos of this trip. I am also setting up a shutterfly account that I will send you the link to. Feel free to add any to you website.

Thanks again,
John Hammen