Looking Forward To 2021

Report Date: February 11, 2021

Wow! I have to start by apologizing for the delay in between reports. The last few months have been a blur. It's nice to be back on the water and fishing regularly. Since the last report, a lot has happened. First, we moved to a new slip but are still at the same marina. I'm hoping to move back to or near the old slip once the renovations are completed. Second, the boat has been repowered with a new pair of Mercury 150 four strokes. Finally, I will be adding a new Furuno FCV1150 bottom sounder that will be a gamechanger. The new unit will help find new and deeper spots and target species like swordfish, and other deep dwellers.

Now, on to the fishing. If you know me, you know that I always tell the truth and honestly fishing has been a bit slow overall so far this new year. A lack of current and other factors has really affected the bite. Even though we did have a few very good trips, overall the action was slower than we'd expect this time of the year. I am hoping that the new sounder as well as changing weather will fire up the bite again.

Most of the fish we've been catching have come off deeper water and structure. Catches include but not limited to: amberjack, almacos, black grouper, mutton snapper, and african pompano. The bait of choice has been pinfish, runners, and cigar minnow on a circle hook. One of the January highlights was catching a 32 pound african pompano that ate a live XL speedo. We also caught a couple of amberjack in the 50 pound range and some formidable grouper and almaco jacks pushing 30 pounds.

Hopefully the conditions will start to improve so that the bite could pick up. Pretty soon it will be spring and we will enjoy the best fishing of the year. Species like blackfin tuna, cobia, and many others will start pouring through. I'm really looking forward to this as well as dialing in the new bottom machine. The unit coupled with the CHIRP transducer will open up new opportunities.

You can catch a lot of the action when you SUBSCRIBE to my YOUTUBE channel. The channel is a combination of fishing, boating, and rigging tips. Last year, I also added a second channel with much of the same content but translated into Spanish. Below are the links.



Well, that's pretty much it for right now. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more up to date information. If you're thinking about fishing in the next few months, start planning your trip now so you can lock in the best dates. Hopefully, I will have another report in the next few weeks.

Tight Lines,

Capt. Orlando Muniz

Nomada Fishing Charters


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