End Of Summer Fishing Fishing Report

Report Date: September 13, 2020

Overall, it's been a good summer considering everything that has been going on. The mahi are finally showing up in good numbers and the bottom fishing has been good to excellent. Although the mahi have been around, we've been mostly focusing on the bottom fishing. The mutton snapper bite has been very good with lots of nice fish up to twelve pounds. On the other hand, the sharks and barracudas have been taking more than their fair share.

Besides the fishing, we also took a few days off a couple of weeks ago to re-power our 28' Whitewater with a pair of new 2020 Mercury 150 HP four strokes. The last pair served us for several years and were still running great with over 3000 hours of service. The new engines should make the coming season a great one. Pretty soon we will start bait fishing and loading cages with frisky goggle eyes and thread fin herring. Great live bait is the key to catching sailfish as well as other pelagics.

Now, let's pivot back to the fishing. Conditions on the reefs and wrecks have varied greatly from zero current to ripping current and we've had to adjust accordingly. On days when the current has allowed, we've been anchoring and soaking our baits near the bottom. The muttons have been chewing very well on these days. On other days we've opted to drift fishing and that has worked well also.

One of the things that happen a lot this time of the year is that kingfish move into deeper water and feed closer to the bottom. On many trips nearly all of our bites have come on the bottom rods. The dilemma with this is that kings often chew through mono or fluorocarbon leader and the muttons don't really care to much for wire leaders. We usually don't fish wire unless the kings become very aggressive.

Deeper wrecks and ledges are still holding large amberjack and almaco jacks and they can sometimes save the day. A lot of anglers really enjoy the challenge that this bruisers pose. All of the jack species fight hard and readily go after a vertical or slow pitch jig. On occasion you we catch a nice snapper or grouper while targeting these bottom dwellers.

We'll that's pretty much it for right now. We have a few trips coming up and expect some more good catches. Remember that you can keep up with all of the action by following us on Instagram, Facebook or just SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel. I've been adding more and more videos on both techniques and actual fishing action.

Tight Lines,

Capt. Orlando Muñiz


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