Kids Fishing Trips


If you love fishing then chances are that you’d like to pass on this passion to your young ones.  Before you plan their first outing you need to keep in mind a couple things.

First, you will be competing with the television, video games, cellular phones, and any other electronic gadget found in your home.  Secondly, a child’s attention span much shorter than that of an adult.  It is for this reason that quantity is far more important than quality.

To a young child catching fifty two pound jacks on light tackle is probably more rewarding than battling a single large fish with lots of help by an adult.

The Experience

In order to ensure an enjoyable experience trips intended for children need to be planned accordingly.  Details such as trip length, tackle to be used, location to be fished and baits will make all of the difference in the world.

The goal on any of these trips is to provide as much rod bending action as possible.  Most of the time the best places to fish is on shallow reefs or artificial wrecks that house a myriad of life.  Once a chum block hits the water, it doesn’t take long for the action to fire up.

On days that the weather presents a challenge the best bet is to fish inshore and target snapper or spotted sea trout.


Once a young child is hooked on fishing they are ready to graduate to the next step.  The next step will vary depending on the child’s age and maturity.  Some children will be ready for a morning of dolphin fishing or yellowtail fishing.  Soon after that, they can try their hand at live baiting and/or kite fishing.

The bottom line is that children need to go through a series of steps before they can truly appreciate their time on the water.  Trying to introduce a youngster to salt water sport fishing by waking them up in the middle of the night and telling them to watch a trolled lure for hours in the hot sun, is not the best or most effective way to introduce them to the sport.

Follow these simple steps and your child will definitely be thankful that you did.