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Bait Catching Breakthroughs
By Captain Muniz

Over the past five decades, the pursuit of high jumping, hard fighting, saltwater game fish has been a major pastime for millions of anglers all along our 1200 miles of coastline. Like so many, during the last twenty of those years, I too have spent a large percentage of my free time pursuing piscatorial prizes over our near-shore reefs and throughout our coastal offshore waters. Over this time frame, all of us have learned that there are various tactics and techniques that have time and again proven their worthiness. None in this heavily pressured environment are as consistently as effective as live bait fishing. Read More...

No Passport Required
By Captain Muniz

Deep-dropping has emerged as one of the most productive fishing methods available to Florida’s resident and visiting anglers. Some have even gone as far as calling the technique “catching” rather than “fishing.” Just like everything else in life though, successful deep-dropping isn’t as simple as it may seem, so don’t be fooled into thinking that consistently hauling up tasty deep water fish is a bowl of cherries with no pits. Sure, anyone can drop a baited rig way to the bottom and then flip a switch to retrieve it. Who knows, they may even catch a fish or two every now and then. But accomplished deep water fishermen know that there is much more to successful deep-dropping than only what meets the eye. Read More...

Plan B
Biscayne Bay’s Shallow Water Grouper Fishery
By Captain Muniz

Biscayne Bay’s Shallow The day’s fishing trip started like so many others. I began my morning by grabbing a strong cup of coffee before rushing out the door. The second I crossed the threshold, I realized that once again, my big plans were crushed. The previous evening’s marine forecast had called for northwest 15 - 20 knot winds with two- to four-foot seas - ideal sailfish conditions. As I laid my head on the pillow that night, thoughts of tailing billfish flooded my mind. My high expectations were short-lived though, as the wind was now howling east at 20- to 25-knots with gusts nearing 30. Read More...

Reef Dogs
Cubera Snapper
By Captain Muniz

Cruising south over Triumph Reef, nestled just offshore between Key Biscayne and Key Largo, I could feel the pleasant southeast breeze hitting me in the face as I admired the sun sinking behind the Ocean Reef Club. I, like many others this evening, was in search of a single target, one that’s recognized around the equator for its killer instincts. Read More...

Smoke ‘em
King Mackerel
By Captain Muniz

King mackerel or kings as they are affectionately called, encompass all of the attributes that make an ideal light tackle target. Capable of savage strikes resembling runaway train wrecks, followed by long sizzling runs and sky-rocketing leaps, kings could very well be the perfect near-shore adversary. One misconception is that in order to be successful, anglers must slowtroll live baits, freshly cut strips or silvery ribbonfish during daylight hours. Sure, while these approaches are highly effective and continue to produce outstanding results, it’s under the cover of darkness when a different sort of fun begins- drifting and dreaming. Read More...