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Capt. 'Orly' Muniz is owner and operator of Nomad Fishing Charters in Miami, FL. Nomad Fishing Charters specializes in offshore and nearshore light tackle sport fishing charters in the Miami, Miami Beach and Key Biscayne metropolitan area.

South Florida offers a myriad of angling opportunities. Whether its trolling for mahi-mahi, kite fishing for sailfish, live baiting for tuna, wreck and bottom fishing snapper, jigging for grouper, casting the Government Cut jetties for snook, fishing the area beaches and bridges for tarpon, or even one of the numerous local fly fishing opportunities; Miami has many world-class fishing options year-round.

Sailfish A Conservation Success Story

Many anglers transit through Miami on their way to more exotic fishing destinations to the south. Some passersby view our urban sprawl with angling disdain, but they would be mistaken. No better example of Miami's pescatorial resurgence exists than the sailfish fishery within sight of our beaches.

When wind and water conditions converge to provide the optimum offshore environment, sailfish pour through the Gulfstream, herded by Miami's reef line. On these prime days, it's not usual for knowledgeable and prepared fishing crews to release a dozen, or more sailfish, with double- and triple-headers common.

Charter Options and Tactics

The tactics of your personalized fishing charter will be dictated by the season, weather conditions and your preferences. Here are some likely scenarios and options:

A stiff northeast wind at 15-20 knots, seas at 4-6 feet and air temperatures in the 50's. This is a perfect day to go kite fishing for sailfish along the edge of the reef. These conditions can result in epic catches of sailfish for the hardcore angler. But if you have unseasoned anglers, or children, these conditions may be too extreme.

A better option for the latter party would be a day of mackerel fishing nearshore or in Biscayne Bay. These same conditions that stimulate the sailfish bite are also ideal for an outstanding day of mackerel fishing which is done much closer to shore, or in the protected waters of the bay.

How about a warm summer day, winds variable around 5 knots, seas 1 foot or less, air temperatures in the 90's. This may be an excellent day to venture well offshore and prospect for mahi-mahi (AKA dolphin fish or dorado). Calm conditions make it possible to run long distances in search of blue water oasis's weed lines, floating debris, deep water rip currents and birds. But long hours in the hot sun may not be your cup of tea especially if you've already spent several days baking on Miami's beaches.

Another option under these conditions is to do some night fishing. Summertime can be a good time to anchor-up on the reef and try some yellow-tailing (a term used for fishing trips specifically targeting yellowtail snappers). Yet another option would be to fish the late afternoon and evening targeting the area jetties and bridges for snook and tarpon. These fishing trips can be very productive and relaxing since we don't travel very far, the entire trip takes place in sheltered waters and the fishing is usually action packed.

A unique and added bonus of these nighttime trips is the entire voyage takes place with Miami's spectacular neon skyline as a backdrop. These night charters are an excellent choice to take your “special someone.”

Yet another popular charter is the combination trip where we go offshore in the afternoon in search of sailfish, and then inshore for the evening tarpon bite. These trips offer good opportunities for both species since sailfish often exhibit a late afternoon bite and tarpon, being excellent nocturnal feeders, often turn-on near, or shortly after, dusk.

Flexibility to Customize

As a small private charter operator, Captain Muniz, has the flexibility and desire to customize your trip to your preferences and desires while taking full advantage of the most productive fishing opportunities available at the time.

Besides the species already mentioned above, South Florida offers prospects to target many other local species that like kingfish, mutton snapper, amberjack, cobia, mangrove snapper, wahoo, tuna and numerous varieties of shark.

Enthusiastic and Results Oriented

Unlike many South Florida charter businesses that depend on one-time tourist and walk-up business, Capt. 'Orly' wants to develop long-term relationships with his clients and foster repeat business, referrals and lifelong friendships. He accomplishes this through his love for the sport and knowledge of his craft.

If you’re looking for a Miami area fishing guide, Capt. 'Orly' Muniz and Nomad Fishing Charters are an excellent choice. Call him now, he’s waiting to talk fishing: (786) 266-0171.